Friday, May 4, 2012

How To Study For A Test Or A Quiz

There is no single way to study for a test and receive a good grade. Studying is more like a skill. The more you study the better you will be at it. Today I am going to share with you my study habits for each of the four major subjects (Math, Science, English, and Social Studies).

My least favorite subject is math. It is hard to wrap my head around all these formulas and equations. The worst part is that math builds on itself so if you don’t perfect it when you’re supposed to it can lead to trouble later on. I am not going to lie; I study for all my math exams then night before. I only do this for math because in math there is not a lot of memorization. Usually I look in my book or online for some practice questions. This helps tremendously. You can also you a website called Khan Academy. Khan academy is a website full of voice tutorials on many of the topics covered in math. Just remember to practice, practice, and practice!

Science is personally my favorite subject. Most of it is memorization. It is good to make flashcards and take good notes. For science, you should start studying about five days before an exam depending on how big the test or quiz is. Studying a little everyday will increase the amount of material you remember. Another important thing to remember is make sure you understand the material and not just memorize it. Understanding the material thoroughly will help you memorize it as it would make sense in your head.

English is an easy subject to study for if you know how to study efficiently. If you have a test on a book or short story make sure you at least read the book first. If you forgot what you read go on an online source such as Spark Notes to read summaries of the book or short story. Once you do that make a chart with all the characters and write down their significance in the story. After you do that you should make a timeline of important events that when on in the book. Making a plot chart will help in identifying the rising actions, falling actions, climax, resolution, and setting.

Social Studies
Social Studies is a hard subject to study for is you’re not interested in the subject because the material will not stick with you very well. If you are like me and hate social studies there are still ways to make sure you know the material. First, you can make an outline of the chapter. Outlines help tremendously as they organize all the information. Making a timeline also aids in studying because it organizes the major events. When studying about certain people in social studies make flashcards and use them every day. A very useful but long and boring way to study is to re-read the chapter. In my opinion re-reading is the most effective way to study for a test or quiz in social studies.

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